Buy FlyTrap Big Gumbo Strains Online

FlyTrap Gumbo Strains Online

The Only Store to Shop Gumbo Weed Flavors Officially

We are a licensed medical and recreational dispensary that carries a wide array of cannabis products in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles California but most of our majority merchandise and stocks are also on the East Coast (New York). Buy FlyTrap Gumbo Strains Online.

Our goal is to present the most elevated customer service and to provide the premier and highest quality of products, while also offering a wide selection at affordable prices.

Order online or stop by our storefront and one of our knowledgeable budtenders can assist you with all of your cannabis needs and any questions you might have!

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Getting your favorite products is easy when you order online! Just find the strains or flavors you want, choose among the quantity you want and add them to your cart  then check out choosing the best payment mode which is suitable for you. We’ll let you know when your order is registered for delivery for other states/nations or give you a heads up as to when your order will be delivered if you are in California. Check out our menu to get started now!

Fly Trap Gumbo as a brand on its own, it plays a great role in its community through its amazing giveaway foundation, not just to our home town we also give scholarships nationwide and do a lot of give back to the poor and lacking. So by promoting, and buying Flytrap Gumbo you are indirectly helping or giving back to the community.

We have a large variety of strains starting from exotic hybrids, sativas and indicas for all type of client needs, also all our products are authentic and actually medicinal, chemical free thus cancer free.

Smoke Gumbo for creativity, relaxation, Energy Etc.